Welcome to the captivating world of Rainy Womack, where the realms of sports and fashion intertwine to create a unique and inspiring journey.

From an early age, Rainy's life was steeped in a deep passion for sports, particularly basketball and tennis. Yet, in the background, his love for fashion was quietly present, manifesting as he eagerly assisted his mother in finding stylish outfits and skillfully blending colors together for both herself and his loved ones. Though others recognized his keen eye for fashion, little did they know that his heart resided in the world of sports, especially basketball.

After embarking on a college journey in Scottsdale, Rainy's determination to pursue his dream of reaching the NBA led him to transfer to Minnesota, where he played basketball with unwavering dedication. Though his efforts were commendable, sometimes life's path takes unexpected turns, and his dream of playing in the NBA eluded him after college graduation.

It was during this period that a simmering passion for fashion took center stage, leading to the birth of his first brand, "WORKING EVERYDAY," created in collaboration with his childhood friend Jr. Driven by a powerful message and movement, the brand encouraged individuals to work relentlessly on their dreams.

As time passed, Rainy's love for streetwear flourished, with a particular obsession for graphic tees, hoodies, baggy pants, and elements of skateboarding and punk rock aesthetics. He delved into studying his favorite designers, such as Rick Owens, Virgil Abloh, Heron Preston, Raf Simons, Kanye West, Amiri, and RHUDE, finding in them both mentors and motivation to forge his  own path in the fashion industry.

This newfound passion culminated in the launch of his second brand, "RAINY DAYS," a streetwear line adorned with bold graphics and screen-printed items. The brand garnered a devoted following, catching the attention of celebrities and paving the way for modest success. However, Rainy yearned for more, and with unwavering determination, he embarked on a life-changing journey to Los Angeles.

In the City of Angels, Rainy set his sights on creating a full cut-and-sew fashion house, producing exquisite handmade garments with meticulously selected fabrics and working closely with skilled tailors. And so, his  luxury fashion brand was born – "TELL THE TRUTH," a name symbolizing his beliefs, experiences, and upbringing.

Launching his brand during the challenging times of the Covid pandemic, Rainy poured his  heart, soul, and life savings into making "TELL THE TRUTH" a beacon of excellence. Aiming to provide timeless pieces crafted from the highest quality fabrics, he wanted his customers to cherish their purchases and recognize the value in each creation.

But "TELL THE TRUTH" is more than just a luxury brand; it is a vehicle for positive change. Rainy's ultimate goal is to become a global luxury brand and an icon in the fashion world, hosting shows worldwide, and using his influence to support the less fortunate. At the core of his brand's mission lies a commitment to giving back, with a percentage of each week's earnings dedicated to aiding the homeless in Los Angeles.

With "TELL THE TRUTH," Rainy Womack not only envisions his customers looking good but also making a meaningful impact in the world. As you explore his  collections, you'll witness the power of his life challenges and experiences transposed onto each design, creating a brand that is truly personal and empowering.

Join Rainy on his transformative journey, as he blends his love for sports and fashion to shape the world, one timeless piece at a time. Discover the truth behind each creation, and together, let's inspire change and make a difference in the world.